Lido Equities Management, Inc. an affiliate of Lido Equities Group, Inc. has been professionally managing commercial real estate, specializing in multi-family residential for over twenty years. Lido Equities Management currently manages over 75 properties in Southern California and several properties in Idaho and Costa Rica. Lido management has been the leader in many aspects of proactive management that has changed the way many respected property management companies now run their organizations.10372555_667645083330494_5296557842879586162_n[1]

One aspect in particular is the vertical approach to property management. Almost every phase of day-to-day management is handled from our corporate location, including but not limited to, leasing, collecting rents, organizing and instructing our in-house maintenance crews, legal notices, bookkeeping, payables/receivables, and customer service.

The traditional on-site resident manager who overseas and runs each property separately is not employed by Lido Equities Management, Inc. Our vertical approach, which we have used for over fifteen years, is much more effective and efficient. The management of each building is scrutinized each and every day by our management team of over 20 corporate employees including the owners, J. Edward Smith and Darrin Klotz.