Rental Application

You can download a copy of the rental application and fill it out using Adobe Reader. To download the application Click HerePlease Email or Fax your signed application: (@)  (f) 310-278-6801

Complete Latest Application w Requirements and CC Form $33

All Current Vacancy is to rent ASAP but All Leases signed between Oct 2017 – Jan 2018 must expire Jan 31, 2019, then it rolls over to a month to month agreement.  You are not required to sign another 1 year lease if you don’t want to.

Important Notes:

  • Please make sure your application is completely filled out and signed, we cannot begin processing until ALL requirements have been submitted (see below).
  • Every adult over the age of 18 (or turning 18 within the next year) must fill out a separate application.
  • CREDIT- In order to qualify without a guarantor applicants need:
    • At least 5 Open Accounts that are 5 Years or Older with Good Credit History.
    • 0 to 2 Current/Past Delinquencies
    • A Good Credit Card Revolving Balance 50% & Up.
    • We Do Not Go By Fico Scores!
  • Email or Fax the completed & signed application along with the following:
    • Clear copy of valid unexpired Driver’s License or valid unexpired Passport (originals must be presented in person at the time of lease signing.)
    • Clear copy of Social Security Card or valid unexpired Work/Student Visa (originals must be presented in person at the time of lease signing.)
    • Proof of income (current Pay-stub; or if self-employed, Form 1040 of last year’s Tax Return 1st & 2nd page only)
    • Completed and signed Credit Card Authorization Form, Money Order, or Cashiers Check for your application fee. The credit report will not be run without payment of the fee.
    • If you are a STUDENT please submit proof of enrollment and a complete application for your Cosigner.
  • Orange County applicants must bring your applications in person to the on site manager of the building you are applying for.  You must bring required paperwork (application, credit fee, picture identification, and proof of income).  As above, the application fee must be paid by Credit Card, Money Order, or Cashiers Check only; managers will not take cash.


Guarantor – Complete Latest Application w Requirements and CC Form $33

To Qualify As a Guarantor:

  • Must have excellent credit (minimum 5 open current satisfactory account that’s been opened for at least 5 years or older.  Closed paid off account doesn’t count.  Revolving Credit must be at least minimum 50% or more.  No Public Record of Any kind.  No late payments of any kind.).
  • Must make at least 3x the asking price of the monthly rent.   We accept latest 2 paystubs (net pay), or last year’s tax return form 1040 page 1 & 2 only or Latest Brokerage Statement.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.