In order to qualify for a LIDO apartment, applicants need to have at least 5 open current satisfactory accounts, that have been open for 5 years or older (i.e. a credit card that has been open since 2010…). We DO NOT go by credit scores, but rather your history, a revolving balance of at least 50%, and on-time payments. No Evictions & Tax Liens can show up on your credit report. If you have bankruptcy, it must be from 2008 or later.
The fee is to cover the cost of running your credit and criminal reports. Lido does not make a profit off of this fee as it goes in its entirety to pay Core Logic (the credit company).
process applications that are 100% complete. Even if you submitted your application before another applicant, if yours is missing information you will be placed to the back of the line. A complete application means that your proof of income, IDs, application, and fee are all submitted and ready to go.
No, we go by a first-come first-serve basis and do not hold units. We process complete applications in the order they are received.
A student can rent from us with a guarantor! Simply find a parent, or adult with great credit history and have them send in a full application!
Yes! While it is not guaranteed, we will accept international applicants with a Double Deposit or a few months rent upfront. Simply submit an application with your request and the owners will review and get back to you!
Processing can take up to 3 working business days, but in most cases we are able to approve an applicant in 1 day! The timeframe all depends on how many applicants there are for the unit, and what place in line you are.
Each unit has a “Rent Ready” date, you can move in as early as that date, but no later than 2-weeks from when you are approved. You must sign the lease and deposit all money within 24HRS of being approved otherwise we move on to the next applicant.